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500 is a hyperconverged solution that combines
cutting edge hardware with the powerful OpenStack cloud
software. It revolutionizes the traditional approach to cloud
infrastructure, offering enhanced performance, cost
efficiency, scalability, and security to enterprises.

This solution, with
200 Gbps network capacity, PCIe 5.0 , and
DDR 5 memory, integrates compute, storage, and
networking, eliminating data silos and enhancing efficiency.
Utilizing OpenStack’s robust framework, HyperEdge 500
offers a transformative, scalable, and secure cloud solution.

With the capability to scale up
to 1152 CPU cores, 18 TB RAM, and 720 TB NVMe Storage, 6 Full Height
GPUs. HyperEdge 500 ensures businesses can adapt to evolving
computational needs and efficiently manage demanding workloads.

Enterprise Datacenter Empowerment:
Hyper Edge 500 offers a comprehensive virtualization platform
that empowers enterprises to leverage the power of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Enterprises can
easily create and manage their own virtual machines and applications, providing the flexibility and
autonomy needed to meet the specific requirements of their subsidiaries, departments and branches.

HyperEdge 500 redefines cost
efficiency, enabling enterprises to transition their IT
infrastructure from a cost center to a revenue generator. At
150 K for a configuration with 1.5 TB RAM and 45 TB NVMe,
enterprises can resell cloud subscriptions annually for at least
180 K. This leads to a recurring annual ROI of 120 %, spurring

HyperEdge 500 accelerates
the time to market by enabling quick application deployment and
scaling. This agility fosters innovation, swift market response, and
a competitive advantage, allowing businesses to seize
opportunities and stay ahead in the fast paced market.


The Hyper Edge Key Benefits

Intrinsicly actualize out-of-the-box niche markets for backward-compatible web services.

Freedom from Vendor Lock In

HyperEdge 500 liberates enterprises from restrictive contracts and single vendor dependency, allowing them to choose the most suitable cloud computing solution that caters to


Unrivaled Flexibility and Customization

HyperEdge 500 empowers enterprises with the ability to tailor their computing environment to meet specific requirements, providing unmatched flexibility and customization options for their cloud infrastructure.


Cost Optimization:

The HyperEdge 500 platform not only provides flexibility but also contributes to significant cost savings by eliminating the necessity of costly infrastructure contracts.


Seamless Cloud and VM Management

Integration with OpenStack gives businesses unprecedented control over their cloud infrastructure, enabling them to effortlessly manage private clouds and virtual machines.

The Hyper Edge Features

Intrinsicly actualize out-of-the-box niche markets for backward-compatible Hyper Converged Solution.



Experience the Hyper-Edge 500 Advantage which is built on OpenStack the world's leading open-source cloud computing platform on top of a 1U-3 servers back-to-back, providing customizable, modular architecture that can be tailored to your unique business needs.


High Availability

Experience the robust 3-server cluster architecture and see how it ensures high availability and resilience for critical workloads. Explore the seamless connectivity and discover how it enables efficient data transfer and communication between servers..



HyperEdge 500 guarantees high availability with a resilient internal and external network configuration. The dual 100Gbps links per server create a closed loop internal network, providing a total available bandwidth of 200Gbps. External network connectivity is available on all servers,


High Performance

Explore the immense NVMe Disk Pool and Sub-Millisecond Latency and Delve into the vast storage capabilities of Hyper-Edge 500. With up to 48x2.5” NVMe disk spanning the 3 servers, businesses can create a large virual ppol with sub-millisecond latency, this ensures lightning-fast data